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2015- ‹‹ small lot production from

high-elevation vineyards ››


2015 Red Blend


Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Viognier

Lush and elegant wine consisting of wonderful high elevation, mountain fruit. Aromas of black raspberries, cocoa and black pepper with notes of blackberries, cassis, nutmeg and vanilla on the palate. Exotic floral element on the finish as well as a rounder mouthfeel.

Rowen Wines Red Blend
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Land of Pioneers

Untethered by Tradition

For ROWEN Wines, we analyzed over 200 soil samples from across the 20,000 acre property. Our winemakers found the best 200 acres to plant grapes on. We meticulously harvest grapes from these acres that reflect the best of our superior lots of Bordeaux varietals, which flourish in more rugged conditions and capture the distinctive influences of high elevation and cool Pacific breezes.



Rowen Wines Rowen Wines
Winemaker Just Seidenfeld Rowen Wines

Our Inspiration

Deep Sky by Robert Roth

Rowen Wines

Artist Robert Roth created the painting "Deep Sky" exclusively for ROWEN. This painting truly exemplifies the unique place that is Cooley Ranch and the vast expanse of Sonoma County.

DEEP SKY - Robert Roth