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Cooley Ranch, Sonoma County

The Study of Sonoma County Terroir


Rowen Wine Company

Rowen Wine Company is a study in Sonoma County terroir—untethered by trends or tradition yet grounded in the history of the land. It is built around an indomitable, independent way of life - each bottle encapsulates the spirit of the American West. It's unconventional. It's unique. And it's blazing new trails with a variety of Bordeaux-style blends—the kind of wines that anyone who values creativity and hard work can appreciate.


2015 Red Blend

Rowen Red Blend


2014 Red Blend

2040 Red Blend wine


2015 Red Blend

600L Red Wine Blend

Our Vineyard

Cooley Ranch Vineyard,
Sonoma County

Cooley Ranch, Sonoma County

In the far reaches of Sonoma County, high atop undulating mountains around a glistening lake, there is a place where an unexpected windfall has sparked a new approach to winemaking. This spot, the 20,000-acre Cooley Ranch, has a long and colorful history of adventure, including four generations of one family's experiences taming the wild countryside. It also has 200 hand-selected acres of vineyards that yield legendary fruit.

LONGITUDE - 123.163551

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LATITUDE - 38.794948

Justin Seidenfeld


Justin Seidenfeld, Winemaker

Justin Seidenfeld serves as winemaker for Rodney Strong Vineyards and Rowen Wine Company. Named one of Wine Enthusiasts “Top 40 Under 40” in 2017. Justin brings a bold perspective on crafting unique wines.

"In my opinion, this may be the last great vineyard to be planted in Sonoma County. The extreme elevation and variety of soils and exposures would scare off vintners not willing to wait ten years before receiving the first cluster of grapes. But, the incredible quality we are getting is the payoff for that commitment."
— Justin Seidenfeld, Winemaker

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Rowen Wine Company wines from Cooley Ranch Justin Seidenfeld, Winemaker
Winemaker Just Seidenfeld Rowen Wine Company wines from Cooley Ranch

Our Story

Unexpected Windfall

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In farming parlance, "rowen" is a second-harvest of hay in one season, an unexpected windfall. The brand itself is a lucky boon of sorts, too—a pleasant surprise, constantly innovating, always pushing the envelope. Put differently, Rowen Wine Company is a study in American terroir—untethered by trends or tradition yet grounded in the history of the land. There’s a bit of the untamed West in every sip.

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